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Createbase is a community that works to support creative projects that are building within the Mintbase/NEAR ecosystem. Check out the “Createbase” section of the NEAR forum to join the discussion, check out community projects, and submit your own proposals.

Get Involved In Our Community


Join in on our Createbase Community events including twice-weekly NFT AMA’s and bi-weekly community calls.


Submit payout proposals to the Createbase DAO and earn NEAR for projects that support the Mintbase ecosystem.


Our Createbase Community Blog is where you’ll find event summaries, how-to guides, and important updates.


Createbase is a NEAR guild that works to support projects and teams that are planning on building on Mintbase/NEAR. 

Community Calls

Createbase Community calls occur bi-weekly on Thursdays at 5:00 PM UTC. Join community members to discuss your projects, ideas, and the NEAR/Mintbase ecosystem. 

Createbase Community Facilitator



Createbase Facilitator

Maria Magdalena is the newest Createbase facilitator. She has a Bachelor in Museum Studies and is doing her master’s in Sociomuseology – researching autonomous museums that share the focus on societal transformation.

Being half Brazilian and half German and having passed half of her life in each country and continent, she has been exposed to not only the cultural differences but the unequal distribution of wealth and power. 

Maria immersed herself into Blockchain this year, perceiving its potential and she is eager to support the community growing on decentralized and transformative characteristics.

If you have a project in mind or are part of a community that aims to transform something in your social and environmental circle – there is no social transformation without a healthier planet – do not hesitate and contact her! She will be happy to assist you in finding funds for creating a project on topics that need to be worked on.