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Call Recording

In this Createbase Community Call, community members take the virtual stage platform to share their ideas and projects that they are working on within the NEAR ecosystem. The call is hosted and moderated by Createbase facilitators Chloethedev and Lenara.

Speaker 1: Mango Dogwood

The call begins with Mango Dogwood, cofounder of a broadcast platform called DNN, explaining that their big first checkpoint is to raise enough money to build an artist grant. They will do this by:

  • Producing free content that offers different tiers of engagement with the process
  • Audience members can support you because they want to support 
  • With their NFT’s, they will offer different ways to become part of their creative process such as becoming a character on their show or creating new shows on their platform

Mango describes the first contest for their network as follows:

  • For the first contest there will have a pilot show contest
  • To win the first grant, one will produce a pilot show and the winner will win a grant to produce ten episodes of that show on the network
  • Staking the revenue in the NEAR network with the income generated from those stakes to develop a UBI for the artists who are participating. 
  • The goal of this is to separate the creation of art from the needing to commodify the art to survive as an artist

Mango notes that they are wrestling with the idea of whether the DNN money is centralized, or to give a UBI amount of money and encourage artists to stake it themselves. The idea to support artists that Mango discusses is as follows:

  • Build a network of 12 artists on the first channel and make a satirical, absurdist comedy
  • Generate enough income from the gift economy to support them
  • After, move onto other channels and develop a massive broadcast network on the near ecosystem
  • Mango emphasizes that it is not a salary, you don’t need to be part of the channel making art for DNN
  • If artists are not interested in making comedies anymore, the UBI will go with them and they will still be supported by having a part of the process

Mango noted that he has submitted a new proposal for the Schlieve Donnard Charity Gallery, a gallery of worship art to a made-up deity. The purpose is to create artwork centred around the mythology of this made-up deity to raise money for a rotating variety of charities and leave it open as a permanent place for artists to submit art. 100% of proceeds will be donated to this charity initiative. 

Mango aims to leverage the NEAR blockchain in the direction of decommodification, gifting, and giving back.

Speaker 2: Nima

Nima then hops on stage to ask for feedback on a community tipping and grant DAO hacked together by Illia, co-founder of near. The idea is that anyone with near tokens can nominate themself or someone else to get a tip, and then a council or committee to decide. 

This would disintermediate NEAR- there would be a bigger DAO and then this DAO would obtain funds from that DAO. 

The Q&A period that followed clarified that:

  • The tips would be one-time tips
  • The grant logic would allow nominators to ask for a certain amount of tips for the individual they are nominating
  • There is a telegram group for more information about this system
  • There would be tiny guilds and DAOs with individual councils where decisions are made by the community 
  • They are looking for a front-end developer to help develop the project
  • The project is already on testnet

Speaker 3: Vandal

Next on stage is Vandal who discusses what he is working on for NEAR. The project is:

  • A way to facilitate real-world interaction within the metaverse and through a project that generates the creation of different types of NFT’s (video, audio, image, etc).
  • This project ties into Vandal’s long-running project called Think You Got Skills (acronym: TYGS).
  • TYGS has moved into the digital realm by using Instagram as a means to get people actively engaged online
  • Vandal sees the digital shift as an opportunity to build this out on the new NEAR NFT Mintbase ecosystem to onboard people in the community and set up artists with their own stores 
  • Vandal has been working on this with DAO Records and Mintbase
  • TYGS would be a test run for a social token platform using NEAR
  • Vandal would like to run a weekly AMA open call where people can pop in and ask questions, like an NFT 101, to answer questions and get people onboarded 

Vandal also discusses an idea for musicians

  • Creating a music division for NEAR and Createbase
  • The idea is to facilitate onboarding for musicians within this space
  • Vandal is in talks with Nate and Caro regarding the development of this idea

Speaker 4: Corey Turman

The fourth speaker to take the stage is Corey. The project they are thinking of working on is as follows: 

  • Stems from the background of building AI tools and cutting edge technology
  • Interested in Taking available medical research and looking at EEG data and structuring libraries and databases
  • For example, if someone sees a colour- how does that colour show up in the brain, and then essentially having an AI to predict this pattern in your brain. The goal would be to create an average difference and see how neural pathways work
  • When it comes to working on blockchain technology, Corey finds one of the risks for this kind of technology is security 
  • One of the ways that NEAR can help is the cheap transaction ability, building layers to stage the AI calls. The project would require many microtransactions to operate.

Corey then had a question for Caro regarding incentives for artists, content creators, collectors, and developers using the NEAR platform. Caro and Nate answered as follows:

  • NEAR is essentially Ethereum 2.0 allowing for cheaper fees, collaboration, and transactions that allow people to be creative 
  • Reduces barriers for people to run their own systems 
  • Deploying contracts are also fast and easy 
  • Can run microtransactions for very cheap 

Speaker 5: Matt

Matt takes the stage. Matt is transitioning to a Developer Relations role to help communities like Createbase and projects like Mintbase. Matt asks for feedback about what the NEAR collective can do to support the community and do better and make it easier to launch projects. 

Matt addresses comments and questions in the live chat, and notes the following:

  • They have an internal indexer and they can have people in the community run it via a NEAR full note and postgres database
  • Internally they have a portal/ CRM as a way for the team to see how projects are doing. This will act as a central hub for education materials and resources that people can use to launch projects on NEAR
  • For more information regarding Red Packets, ask in the general server 
  • Chloethedev also discusses the need for having a soft bridge between NFT’s on NEAR to Ethereum where you don’t have to move assets but can govern and/or sign assets to prove you have ownership
    • Matt discusses an example of this: leave NFT where it is so that you can put the NFT into a NEAR app that can prove that your Ethereum account has the NFT. You can then enter games and transactions surrounding your NFT.
  • Proposals can be found on gov.near.org  
  • Matt discusses bringing meta fast transactions to NEAR and notes this is what they are striving to bring to the NEAR network