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Call Recording

In this Createbase Community Call, Lenara opens the call to the community to share their projects, ask questions, and receive feedback about projects. 

Lenara gives an update about the applications and provides a brief overview of the information that can be found under each of the tabs (seen in the screenshot above). She notes that the goal is to have all or as many applications accepted as possible. 

Lenara notes: if some applications need tweaking so that they are aligned with the guild, then Creatbase will help. Createbase will also work to connect applicants with other sources of funding.

Lenara then opens up the community call for members to share their ideas and projects they are working on. 

Speaker 1: James

James who is first on stage shares details about an event he is working on. Details are as follows:

  • Working on the community team at near
  • Is organizing the Rare Art Festival 
  • The events since 2018 have been developing and improving each time, especially after learning more after each one and shifting to a virtual space this past year
  • The goal is to raise funds from a variety of sources, including Createbase, to organize a concert at the Rare Art Festival. The concert will be a virtual, open mic, inclusive musical performance. 
  • The concert will invite crypto musicians to be paid for the gig in virtual reality
  • This concert would be one part of the month-long event
  • The event will run from May 28th to 30th of 2021, however, the timeline may change

Speaker 2: Vandal

Vandal is the second speaker to take the stage who shares a quick update on the TYGS (Think You Got Skills) project which is an event series featuring competitions with hip-hop style artists. Updates are as follows:

  • They have put in an application for Kernel via Gitcoin which was accepted
  • They are excited to get on the Kernel program on January 12th  

Vandal also notes that DAO Records has many artists in their community and that he is happy to collaborate with James on the Rare Art Festival event.

Speaker 3: Nate and Caro 

Nate and Caro take the stage to provide the community with a Mintbase update. The update is as follows:

  • They are round the clock coding
  • Hired second developer to help with front-end development
  • Rust developer has been making good progress
  • Got through how to do cross-contract calls, where you can get market piece trigger to move the NFT from point A to B from the store contract
  • Nate expressed difficulty in getting the market to understand that once an NFT is transferred they get the receipt that it’s been transferred
  • There are a lot of other features that they are working on that they are excited to show once ready
  • For anyone who won on the last day of the Mintbase Advent Calendar, the prizes have not been given out yet due to high gas fees
  • Caro is excited to have a product so that people can execute applications and get creative
  • Nate rewrote the NEAR site from scratch, different from Ethereum
  • Once launched on NEAR, they will test this out once contracts are audited. Then they will start deprecating this site and start increasing more Ethereum capabilities
  • Click here to watch the Mintbase Advent Calendar Holiday Singing

Speaker 4: Laura 

  • Laura hops on stage to give more information about the video and explains that Mintbase is free to use it 
  • The concept behind the video is growing the creative ecosystem

Before breaking into table discussions, Lenara opens a Q&A up for the community to ask Lenara, Nate, and Caro. 

Caro expresses that Createbase is about supporting the community whether through applications internally or by connecting people to external resources.