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Hello there; Chloethedev here. Welcome to the Createbase Community!

For those that don’t know who I am, I am simply a Guild facilitator. Createbase has two of them; I am lucky to be working with Lenara to help support the growing community of artists and creatives that are getting excited about Mintbase launching on NEAR!

Let’s break things together!

If you want to get right to the juicy stuff, you can watch Nate (Mintbase’s founder) show off the new Mintbase x Near Dapp on the Createbase Youtube page: here.

Social sign in supporting users who do not yet have a NEAR account.

During our most recent community call (Call #7 – January 21st) we were privileged with a showcase of many new features that will be included in the new platform. Some of the more notable ones include: split fees, ~1-second transaction/confirmation times, and social features to allow users without a NEAR account to still be able to follow along with the artists/stores they love.

NEAR testnet block explorer

With the Mintbase testnet release coming SOON™, the best way to get ready is to make a NEAR testnet account (which comes pre-loaded with test NEAR tokens) so that you are able to personally experiment with all of the new features on day one of the testnet Dapp (decentralized application) release!

For example, one of my testnet accounts is chloe.testnet. Testnet accounts are free to make, and making one (or a few) is a great way to get used to the NEAR blockchain.

First you check if the name is available, then secure those keys! After that you send a transaction with (at least) 1.1 NEAR and the .near name is yours!

Many people within the Createbase Community have already gotten their .near named accounts on mainnet already too, which is awesome! Named accounts end in “.near” and are “human-readable”. For example, one of my named accounts is chloethedev.near. Having a named account makes it easier for me to keep track of things (mostly splitting balances to different accounts based on use case) and also helps other people have a simpler time sending tokens to me, which is just as important. NEAR named accounts cost 1 NEAR token to obtain. For more information about NEAR wallets, check out this awesome post “How to get a NEAR wallet” written by Lenara.

With all of THAT stuff out of the way, let’s focus on Createbase for a bit.

You now know that we are a NEAR Guild (simply a group of people with a like-minded vision building on NEAR) and that we are focused on building on top of Mintbase as a NFT (non-fungible token) minting platform. Also, you know that I am simply a facilitator (just here to help support the Guild).

So what?

This article was written by a Createbase Community member as the result of a bounty!

Well, now I suppose it’s up to you!

If you have never heard about NFT’s before, then you may want to start with this fantastic resource written by one of our very own (Mango Dogwood). It is a great explainer for newcomers in the blockchain/NFT space. If you are further along in your journey and want to try and support the community in some way, you can check out our Notion board where we have bounties posted for community members to earn NEAR tokens as they contribute. For those that are looking at launching a project on the NEAR blockchain (whether solo or with a team/group) the next step may be submitting an application for funding (we are looking to support creative use cases for NFTs that go beyond simply minting cool stuff). No matter what stage you are at along your journey, we are simply here to facilitate that next step (and hopefully many steps after that as well).

Our community is most active on Telegram, come stop by and say hi!

So that’s us! I’ll keep this post short and sweet, but this is definitely a call to action. Even if that action is merely joining our Telegram chatgroup and lurking for a bit before you ask some questions, I hope that you know that when it comes to the Createbase Community, we are here to help.