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January 21, 2020

Call Recording

In this Createbase Community Call, community members take the virtual stage platform to share their ideas and projects that they are working on within the NEAR ecosystem. The call is hosted and moderated by Createbase facilitators Chloethedev and Lenara.


The call begins with Chloe welcoming everyone and introducing what Createbase is.

Lenara then introduces herself and talks about the ways in which people can continue to get involved with Createbase. 

Speaker 1: Nate

Nate, Co-founder of Mintbase, kicks off the call with a demo, explaining that:

  • Getting the Mintbase platform as far as it has come was not as easy as he initially thought it would be-it took a complete rewrite, which is really exciting
  • New features like voting mechanics, day/night modes, and split-fees. Same familiar look/feel for transferring and minting, but the entire process is more efficient and much faster! 

This demo/walkthrough of the new Mintbase platform is extensive. To jump to the video where Nate explains it, click here.

 “It’s a lot of work, but I’m pretty excited about it”, says Nate.

Speaker 2: Chloe

Chloe then showcased the new Createbase website: createbase.community! This new website is meant to be a central location for all the information that one would need to get started with Createbase, as well as the Createbase Guild on NEAR. 

All the social links, blog posts, and application forms can be found by going to the website. 

Chloe also goes through the Createbase Notion (which can be accessed through the Createbase website) to explain more about the open bounties and application board.

Open Q&A

Chloe and Lenara then open up the call’s chat where there are some questions for Nate. The questions are as follows:

Q: Is there a limit to how many NFT’s can be minted?

A: There are block limits so it’s around 35 per block, but to solve the thousands of mints issue, “lazy minting” could be used to only truly “mint” the troken when one was purchased.

Q: What are the minting fees like on NEAR? 

A: Fractions of a penny!

Near then talks about how there are trade-offs. While it is cheaper to submit transactions on-chain, storage costs a lot! There are improvements coming though, Nate notes “no std” as being one of them (allowing contracts to pay a lot less in storage fees for code that has already been deployed). Deploying a contract should be the most expensive part of the operation, and the costs for storage are only going down.

Nate then says that the one thing that he is really excited for is the innovation that can be brought about by the insanely cheap transaction fees. Chloe notes that the ~1 second block times and quick finality is really interesting as well. Nate continues to say that he’s really excited to see what type of interactions developers will be able to experiment within the NEAR ecosystem.

Q: Will there be an API for dev’s to interact with? 

A: Nate goes into a live demo showing off the API they built which will work similar to the Graph for devs trying to search up info.

Nate shows off the API by creating a new store contract, minting a new token, and then searching it up on the API. He even shows how quickly it loads onto Arweave. 

Nate also reiterates that Mintbase doesn’t have any control over a user’s store(s). They are their own domain on the blockchain. A user has full control.

There were then some general questions and comments being answered after the demo. One of the ones that stuck out was a question about fiat integration for Mintbase x NEAR.

Q: Will Mintbase have any form of fiar gateway to do fiat – Near transactions? 

A: There’s already stripe integration for the Ethereum Mintbase platform, but it’s only for NFT delivery. Although the answer is “Not in the near term / not in the next 6 months”. The fiat integration causes a lot of the cool new features to lose their value because they are blockchain specific enhancements (split-fees). 

Nate then talks about the NFT standardization process. He talks about the issues with the current NEP-4 implementation and how there’s an opportunity to use the lessons learned from Ethereum to do things better on NEAR.

Speaker: Vandal

Vandal takes the stage with Chloe and Lenara to say hello to the community and discuss his work with music NFTs. He spoke about an Audio NFT drop that he was hosting that day in Cryptovoxels and how he used the lazy mint feature of Opensea’s to save on gas fees.