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Some of the projects funded by Createbase DAO are already out. They are creative, fun, beautiful, useful… and much more! Take a look:

Chloe created an excellent video explaining our DAO itself. It’s a perfect way to learn how it works and how to submit your very own proposal:


Microchipgnu proposal was to bring NEAR micropayments to VR and it looks great! We can’t wait to send tokens in the form of gold coins in the Metaverse 🤩


Kevin completed a proposal to explain cryptocurrency and NEAR to his dog. You can watch the video and let us know if he did a good job. I wonder if the dog already has a NEAR wallet? 😉


RoganX proposed a series of cards about nutrition. This is his project “yoctoⓃUTRIENTS” on Paras.id.


ilan katin is also creating art to be tokenized on the NEAR blockchain. His project is called “TRANSFIGURED DESIRES”:


Gia kept the art flowing and created Cosmic inspired animations at her “project_mystique_” experimental photography Instagram.


MXJXN’s proposal was to fund another SputnikDAO dedicated to the arts. This is their arts DAO: https://sputnik.fund/#/arts.sputnikdao.near
Soon to be accepting proposals as well.

Starpause from CODAME created an article linking and summarising several great talks from ETHDenver involving NEAR.

It’s super useful to have this treasure trove of information accessible. If you missed the talks check them out here: https://hackmd.io/@starpause/Skaoxuyz_

Createbase DAO = easy funding for creativity

It’s very inspiring to see all this creativity unleashed! The DAO allows uncomplicated and fast turnaround for small projects.

We still have funds to give on Round 1, and more rounds are in the plans. Keep the proposals coming!