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Call Recording

In this Createbase Community Call, Chloethedev opens the call by giving a quick intro into what Createbase is and providing useful links to help onboard more creative people into NEAR:

Flexible split revenue settings will be a novel feature of the Mintbase NEAR marketplace

Speaker 1: Nate and Caro 

Nate and Caro take the stage to update the community on the Mintbase progress and answer questions.

  • The Graph protocol is now building on Polkadot, Solana, Celo and NEAR. Nate explains what it is and its advantages;
  • Walk-through of Mintbase testnet (soon to be launched) explaining how the interface works, how to deploy stores and smart contracts, how it will handle split revenues, profiles, settings and accounts;
  • Caro talks about developing a partnership between Somnium Space and Mintbase on NEAR and Nate explains how private keys can be used in VR environments;
  • They expect to launch Mintbase on mainnet in mid March, following two weeks on testnet for users to experiment with the platform;
  • Split fees functionalities are being thoroughly developed;
  • Future integration between Ethereum and NEAR Mintbase platforms;
  • Deploy costs;
  • Storage and transfer of tokens;
  • Mintbase’s business model;
  • Unstoppable domains;
  • Multiple minters function and options.
Nate Geier

Speaker 2: Ben Haley

Ben hops on stage with a visual presentation of  “Craft and Crypto Art”. Details are as follows:

  • It is a community to encourage crafts in the crypto art space, funded by Createbase;
  • Core objectives are to support and grow the practice of craft artists and encourage digital artists to pick up craft skills;
  • It is developed by Ben in partnership with artists Jen’s a Little Loopy and Noviol Art;
  • They’re engaging with questions related to accessibility, gatekeepers, NFT + Physical combos;
  • The aim is to produce live content, engage with craft artists and build/grow a strong craft community in crypto art;
  • Kick off will be on March 1st, 2021.
Ben Haley

Speaker 3: Rogan X 

Rogan plans to develop a metaverse crypto art game show. 

  • He’s in search of collaborators to create a pilot episode;
  • It will be inspired by the “Forged in Fire” TV show format;
  • People will be able to contribute financially for the prize pool;
Rogan X

Speaker 4: Vandal 

Next on stage is Vandal  who gives a quick update on his on-going project TYGS (Think You Got Skills), a hip hop battle series. 

  • First milestone of the project is laid out with their new website, developed by team member Akmal and they’re working on the intro video;
  • They’re waiting for testnet and mainnet and thinking of maybe launching it simultaneously;
  • Dao Records also kicked off discussions for creating a music guild for NEAR and will be launching it soon.

Lenara points out that longer projects submitted for Createbase funding can be divided in phases, with funds being distributed at the end of each phase instead of only after the final product is delivered. The application process how-to:  How to apply for funding with Createbase highlights this in more detail.