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NxM Community Call

A query into the NEAR x Music Guild ecosystem

NFT platform Mintbase is building out on the NEAR protocol and pockets of creative communities have been gathering around the vibrant ecosystem in anticipation of the launch.

One of them making sonic waves is NxM Live. Representing NEAR x Music Live, it is an anchor event for musicians and moving visual artists in the community, curated by NEAR’s Music Guild members and supported by the Createbase Guild.

NxM Live is the twin brainchild effort of DAO Records Founder Vandal and Music Guild member and electronic musician Nullzero. Of the project, Vandal said: “Much of what NxM is focused on is music and the creation of Music NFTs. Not only that but also looking at how we can further innovate and use the technology to power the creation of a new music industry ecosystem, created by musicians.”

NxM Live debuted its first event Q2 on 26 March 2021, bridging together nine artists across four continents including North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, with a repeat broadcast a few weeks later for the ICYMI crowd.

Global punters could beam in directly from the NxM Live Twitch channel, or pop into the cryptovoxels-based The Playground space hosted by Vandal in their best-dressed avatar form.

In a continuous genre-bending music and visual stream over the course of nine hours, a smorgasboard of sounds radiated through the frequencies, reflecting the diverse, colorful and creative souls that make up the ever-growing NxM community.

Founder Nullzero, who also performed as the Sense You All duo, brought in the Burning Man vibes with tripped out tribal techno, while Vandal went on a hazy hip hop tip with deep flavors and sunny vibes.

Other performers were: Netunoblu and Max Komori, staRpauSeOoakosiM, Debbie Chia (MFFOOO), Hédonism and Dayne S performing with Mina Da Lua as Minaday, who all delivered grooved-filled soundscapes synced to brain-melting visuals.

With a successful debut event, NxM Live is already set up for its next live streaming showcase on 15 May 2021 in support of the Createbase Open Web Community Conference + Hackathon.

The event will also see the launch of the NxM DAO and the formation of other exciting micro-DAOs to facilitate the needs of the ever-growing NxM and Createbase community, from fashion to gaming and more.

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15 May 2021
NxM Live: h@Q

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