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Submit payout proposals to the Createbase DAO and earn NEAR for projects that support the Mintbase ecosystem.

Ready To Submit A Proposal?

SputnikDAO’s are a specific type of DAO being developed within the NEAR ecosystem. A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is an on-chain governance mechanism to help decentralized organizations make decisions in a trust minimized and open way. All of the council members (those that vote on proposals), proposals, and payouts are all public and auditable on the NEAR blockchain.

DAO Purpose

Createbase uses its on-chain DAO to disseminate funds to the community in fun and creative ways.

How To Earn

Head over to the Createbase category of the NEAR Forums to learn more about the available bounties.

Submitting A Proposal

Submitting a proposal to the Createbase DAO requires a 0.1 NEAR bond. This bond is returned on the sucessful completion of your proposal!

Open Bounties

Showcase Your Store

Create a store on the Mintbase platform (on the NEAR testnet) and share your experience on your socials. Please use that social link in the payout proposal so that we can see your amazing NFT storefront and also re-tweet/share as well. Then submit a payout proposal for up to 10 NEAR!

Bring a Friend to Createbase Calls!

Bring a friend to the Createbase call (or multiple friends) and make sure to let Chloe/Lenara (Createbase Facilitators) know who you brought to the call (we may request that your friends at least pop into a small table and show their face so we know they are real people). Then submit a payout proposal to yourself for 5 NEAR!

Live Tweet Createbase Event

Earn 5 NEAR by live-tweeting a Createbase Community call or event. Once you have your tweet thread completed, please be sure to share a link to it in the payout proposal

Click here to view the Createbase Twitter.

Createbase Guides

Earn 25 NEAR by crafting useful guides for the Createbase community. Ensure that new community members have the resources needed to be successful as they explore and grow within the space. Topics of interest include Mintbase 101, Intro to Crypto Art, and guides for Onboarding Into the NEAR Ecosystem. Please include a link to your guide in the payout proposal.

Cryptovoxels Building Bounty

Earn 5 NEAR an hour for supporting the Createbase community in Cryptovoxels. Meet with various community members and build unique parcels based on their objectives. In your payout proposal, please include proof of your build (include the URL). To get started, please contact the Createbase Facilitators for available builds.

Clubhouse NFT Talks on Mintbase Channel

Earn 20 NEAR for Clubhouse sessions on the Mintbase Club to help other creators to understand NEAR/Mintbase (in your local language or English).

Onboarding to Mintbase on Zoom

Earn 20 NEAR for Zoom onboarding sessions to help other creators to create NFTs!

Createbase Gigs

Please check out our forum to see the latest Createbase Gigs available. Each gig you complete will earn you 20 NEAR a month.

Perks & Benefits


Every Createbase community member should have the opportunity to earn NEAR tokens efficiently

Propose Ideas

If you have a good idea for a bounty, reach out to our Createbate Facilitators to discuss your ideas

Experimental Governance

Gain hands-on experience earning from a DAO and expirement with innovative technology


Grow The Space

Sputnik DAO’s are not meant to be stand-alone structures, but are meant to scale and grow with the community