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Createbase is a community that works to support creative projects that are building within the Mintbase/NEAR ecosystem. Check out the “Createbase” section of the NEAR forum to join the discussion, check out community projects, and submit your own proposals.

Open Web Community Hackathon

governance challenge open web

Join the Creators and Communities Hackathon! From May 14th – June 6th, hack at your project and participate in weekly events and AMA’s while earning NEAR tokens. Everyone is welcome; you don’t need to have a highly technical background, just a drive for solving problems that creatives are facing in the Web3 space. Over the course of 3 weeks, you’ll hack at making the Web3 space more efficient for creative communities and those that inhabit them.

Featured Hackathon Event: NxM Live #2

The NEAR Music Guild will be hosting their second NxM live event on May 15th! This event will include live performances from many of the NEAR Music Guild’s community members. There are sure to be awesome prizes, entertainment, and lively sounds.

Get Involved In Our Community


Join in on our Createbase Community events including twice-weekly NFT AMA’s and bi-weekly community calls.


Submit payout proposals to the Createbase DAO and earn NEAR for projects that support the Mintbase ecosystem.


Our Createbase Community Blog is where you’ll find event summaries, how-to guides, and important updates.


Createbase is a NEAR guild that works to support projects and teams that are planning on building on Mintbase/NEAR. 

Community Calls

Createbase Community calls occur bi-weekly on Thursdays at 5:00 PM UTC. Join community members to discuss your projects, ideas, and the NEAR/Mintbase ecosystem. 

Createbase Community Facilitators



Createbase Facilitator

Lenara is a researcher working on the intersection of technology and art. She has been involved in blockchain-related art projects since 2018 and is an advisor for Dada.art where she is co-creating the Invisible Economy.

Lenara wants to bring cryptoart to a wider audience by teaching workshops, onboarding new users, writing articles and launching projects (PaperMint, Blockchain Arts Academy). She also creates NFT conceptual art experiments (Priceless Pixels, Mutatis Mutandis) as part of her research, and gives art tours in the Metaverse.



Createbase Facilitator

Chloe, sometimes known as Chloethedev, is all about altruistic efficiency. She spends most of her free time recording videos that teach about web3 topics, supporting artists to onboard them into web3 creators, and thinking of ways to support more with less.

Chloe has a passion for learning, teaching, and giving back to the communities that she finds herself a part of. For over ten years, Chloe worked in the sports management industry in various roles (coaching, directing, and consulting).